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Through TRANSDENT and the advisors at Mercer Transitions, we have helped thousands of dentists execute every type of transition you can imagine. Our goal has always been to help dental practice owners and associates find each other and implement a successful win-win practice transition, whatever that may look like.

Now with Patterson Dental and the evolution to Patterson Connect, we look forward to helping you next. Whether you are looking for a practice buyout, a partnership, acquisition of a second practice, the merger of two or more practices, or just need guidance on your options, we are here to ensure you get the support you need through the entire process.


To say we were happy with Mercer Transitions and their staff would be an understatement of how well we were treated. Three years later and things are progressing smoothly and going very well financially as Michael is a 50% owner headed to the next stage of the transition. Dr. David Dobbs, DMD and Dr. Michael Adkins, DMD
Stewards of the practice transition To Dr. Jorge Oaxaca, Dr. Howard Ong and Dr. Mike Jensen, dentists aren’t just owners of a dental practice. They are stewards of the practice and play an important role in the community. It’s a philosophy that is embedded in the culture... Oaxaca, Ong and Jensen

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We have a 100 % Fee For Service adult Dental Practice . Our doctor trained with a prosthodontist for 1 year so over three decades he focused on doing smile makeovers ,dentures, perio,and full mouth rehabs. His work was featured in dental magazines and captured the attention from patients living out of the area to travel for treatment at our office. We spend time to know the patients and their needs. We strive to give them the best experience by doing gentle ultrasonic cleaning , early detection conservative treatment, and no drill/no shot/no sedation dentistry utilizing a laser. With our philosophy of Gentle Lifetime Concierge Services and...

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